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Change Management and Situational Leadership

Location: Tours, France

Dates:  20 November - 24 November, 2017

Course fee: 3000€ + VAT

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Programme Overview
In turbulent times, the core of leadership is to address continuing challenges of change and organizational adaptation as well as change in the wider world, such as addressing problems of health, education, and the environment. This is essential for enterprise success, and those leaders with the skills to steer change effectively are in high demand. This course will arm participants with practical skills and hands-on tools for planning and guiding large-scale systemic change (major strategic shifts, business turnarounds, organizational and cultural transformations), managing specific change projects (innovations, pilot projects, new and emerging ventures), diffusing or scaling up specific projects for company growth or change, and creating and managing social innovations to "change the world."

This Change Management and Situational Leadership training programme has two parts and consist of 2 courses combined in 1. The first part of the programme explains the principles of modern principles of Change management and leading transformation processes. In the second part you will review principles of efficient leadership that will help you to successfully manage the change process in your organisations.

Who should attend
This programme is ideally suited to those who are:
Tasked with introducing, leading or implementing change in their organisation
Involved in managing merging state agencies
Managers with a specific organisation development brief
Staff working within new structures in the local government and health sectors
Managers with Human Resource Management or Training and Development responsibilities

Training objectives
By the end of this training course, participants will:
  • Manage the people side of business transformation
  • Develop a winning change management strategy
  • Assess your organization’s readiness for change
  • Create an effective communications plan
  • Proactively manage resistance to change
  • Successfully engage staff, management and leadership
  • Become a high-performing agent of change

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Course Outline
Strategic Change
  • Global trends and new thinking on change
  • Principles of strategic planning
  • Public sector reform in Ireland and other countries
  • Change techniques
  • Innovation and change
  • Environmental scanning and stakeholder analysis

Communicating and Imparting Change
  • Resistance to change
  • Conflict resolution
  • Negotiation and bargaining
  • Politics of change
  • Facilitation skills and techniques
  • Internal consultancy skills
  • Methods/styles of change management

Implementing and Sustaining Change
  • Philosophy of organisational development
  • Organisational cultures and structures
  • Performance management and indicators
  • Quality initiatives Ÿ Project management
  • Internal communications
  • IT systems

Leading High Performing teams
  • Understanding Leadership - Learn leadership styles and qualities and review your own leadership qualities and potential. 
  • Understand How to Build Effective Teams - Understand how to build, develop and maintain effective working relationships.

Achieving Objectives Through Effective Management
  • Planning and Allocating Work - understand how to plan and allocate work in the workplace whilst learning how to improve team performance by delivering a plan.
  • Understanding, Organizing and Delegating in the Workplace - Understand how to organize people and delegate to achieve workplace objectives.
  • Understanding the Communications Process in the Workplace - Understand the nature, importance and methods of the communication process in the workplace, whilst being able to assess your own effectiveness in communication.

People and Performance
  • Understanding how to Motivate and Improve Performance. Study the factors that influence motivation and how a theory of motivation can be used to improve performance levels.
  • Understanding Conflict management in the Workplace - Learn how to manage conflict, identify its causes and explain the effects that conflict has on performance at work
​To enhance learning effectiveness, hand on experience will be emphasised in this programme through role-plays in class presentation, group facilitation and class critique.
Case studies, group discussions and video support will also be used to enhance learning experience. Fun quizzes will be injected to provide formative assessment and a fun learning environment.
Classes, books and training materials.
Entry level test.
Free Internet access.
International certificate upon completion of the course.
Coffee breaks and a buffet lunch daily.

*Fees do not include charges for travel and accommodation costs
Tuition fees include
    Learn, improve and share new skills with best instructors
    Make your professional network wider, meeting new people of your area
    Choose best venue with big variety of locations of courses
    Receive one year post-training support
    Enjoy your time with our cultural programs
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Training Location
Tours, France
Change Management and Situational Leadership

20 November - 24 November, 2017

Course fee
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