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Each section contains information about various subjects and related disciplines.
Technical Training for Operations and Maintenance Personnel
Safety and Operational Risk Training
English Language Training
In order to ensure that your employees are trained and certified in accordance with the mandatory corporate and state legislation requirements TECHNO-TRAINING is delivering comprehensive HSE courses offer. This training covers the industrial safety, electrical safety, and occupational safety in compliance with specific job requirements on certain facilities.
If English is the common business language in your organisation and you have an international team working in the project than TECHNO-TRAINING can assist you with intensive in-house English language training for your personnel.
TECHNO-TRAINING provides all types of training and development services for Operations and Maintenance personnel, and has a first class background in providing training to our clients such as: Classroom training, Simulation training, Workshop training, Facility specific orientation training and On-the-job training.
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Core Business Skills
Leadership and Management Development
Discipline Specific Subjects
Development of such general skills like behavioural, business literacy or execution skills that can be utilized in all business areas is also a critical process and one of the main types of training in the Company for example, “Introduction to Oil & Gas Industry”, “Decision Making and Risk Analysis”, “Finance for non-Financials” etc.
We have a big portfolio of off-the-shelf courses for support functions - Project & Risk management, Finance, Procurement, HR and more. Any of these courses can be adapted to your company or project requirements in order to maximize your ROI (Return of Investments) in training.
Managing involves the planning, organisation, co-ordination and implementation of strategies, programmes, tactics and policies in respect of people, resources, information, operations and finance. 
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Vendor Training
Rather than trying to sell you a particular tool, TECHNO-TRAINING facilitators will help you to clarify your goals and then select an approach and an event that will best meet these.  
Primary target audience for vendor training is Operations and Maintenance (O&M) team, the site representatives and the commissioning group. To ensure that your employees are trained in safe working practices for their work to prevent harm to themselves, other people, damage to equipment or adverse effects on the environment TECHNO-TRAINING can help you to establish the effective system of vendor training during commissioning phase.
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In-house solutions

Maximum return on your investment

Most of our courses delivered in-house, however we also provide a wide range of short-term open courses in Europe and Middle East.

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In-house training

Are you looking for cost-effective in-company training? Our professional team can work with you to enhance your organisation’s performance through in-house training and consulting. All our programmes can be tailored to meet your business’s particular objectives, and deliver exceptional results on your specific issues.

Do you want us to re-design a course to meet your company's needs? Our in-house training and development solutions are a highly flexible, efficient, cost and time effective way to get the maximum return on your training and development investment. Since the in-house programmes will be held at your premises, you don’t incur the expense and loss of time associated with travelling. Also, because your people are learning together, they can discuss and debate the unique circumstances of your organisation and location, making the learning even more relevant and effective.

Our philosophy in organizing open courses is to combine some of the greatest locations with outstanding training experience for a reasonable value!

Some of our locations are Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Val de Loire (The Valley of Kings), Dubai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur etc.

We offer special forms of training solutions where you pay for training and get luxurious accomodation for free or with great discount.
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