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Electrical, Instrumentation and Control
Production and Operations
Mechanical engineers in oil and gas are responsible for many different aspects of the oil mining and refinement process, including designing and installing equipment, designing and overseeing large projects, and researching and developing new technologies in the field. The work is complex, so mechanical engineers in this field need a high level of education and training. 
Processing and production facilities are a key component of the oil & gas supply chain, featuring as they do in a multitude of different upstream & downstream operations. Oil and gas production and processing facilities courses are designed to help professionals develop their expertise in working with both onshore and offshore facilities. 
Training and courses in the field of Electrical Engineering relate to the study and application of electronics, electricity and electromagnetism. Professional engineering courses are varied and include electrical maintenance, regulations and safety.
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Accounting, Finance and Cost control
Procurement and Supply Chain Management
HRM and Training
The Human Resources Department oversees a number of functions within the organization, including hiring, training, monitoring certain policies and even handling disputes. It is essential that all human resource professionals get the high-class training.
One of the key competencies that are necessary to sustain any successful Energy project is accounting and finance competence.  TECHNO-TRAINING offers professional workshops in management accounting, internal auditing and internationa financial reporting standards.
With today’s global economy realities and trends managers realize that supply chain and procurement capabilities define how the business operates.
We offer few practical programmes that will equip you with advance tools and best practice in order to develop effecient procurement strategy for your company.
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Leadership and Management
Project and Risk management
Core Business Skills
While your technical skills may get your foot in the door, your people skills are what ioen most of the doors in your future. Your work ethic, attitude, communication skills, emotional intelligence and a whole host of other personal attributes are the core skills that are crucial for career success.
TECHNO-TRAINING offers a range of short-term and modular programmes that can equip "first-time" team leaders and supervisors as well as experienced managers with tools they will need to perfome their duties in a new way as highly efficient leaders.
Project management training is vital to ensure that you have the right skills and knowledge when it comes to managing a project. Ability to manage project uncertainties can make the difference between finishing your project on budget and schedule or facing steep overruns. 
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Other Technical courses
Professional administrators
Sales and Marketing
Technicians in the oil and gas extraction industry play an important part in the production of oil and gas and in maintaining the systems used in the extraction processes. They work as either process operation technicians or maintenance technicians and need continuous training.
Personal assistants and Administrators need to manage, organise, schedule, and plan events and communications. Along with managing tasks, they need to manage themselves too. For both personal and professional development, executive assistants need training.
In today’s extremely competitive business environment, having any advantage over the competition is useful. One of the most important tools that a company can have to ensure that stay one step ahead is a strong sales team.A trained sales team can generate new opportunities which can lead to huge returns for a company. The better trained your sales team is, the better results for your entire company.
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